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Submit an idea for “because race car” using the form below or through our Facebook page – if we like it, we’ll post it.

If you want to create your own, use Impact font in all caps, preferably in a resolution of 800×600 or greater. The online photo editing app is great to quickly create memes, or you can just submit an idea and I’ll handle creating the image.

I don’t post all submissions – follow my guidelines and make sure they’re funny and you’ve got a good shot of seeing your post here though.

Submission Guidelines:

  • font should be ALL CAPS
  • font should be white, with black outline (if you can’t figure out the outline just send it to me with no caption and I’ll add it for you)
  • don’t send me pictures of your cats, kids, Taylor Swift, or other stuff that isn’t racing related
  • try to send something at least 800×600 pixels if you can

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