Fastest Lap Around Manhattan 2013

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Found this on Jalonik today. Afroduck is our hero.

“JALOPNIK: Why publish your video so close to when you performed the run? Other drivers waited over a year to release their footage, if ever.
AFRODUCK: You frankly can’t identify who I am by just looking at the video and records were meant to be broken. I’ll release my name a year from now.

J: How did you prepare for the run?
AD: Other than my car being stocked, I went out various times throughout the night to figure out the traffic patter[n]s.

J: What was your hairiest moment during the lap?
AD: None, I was always in control. In fact, this wasn’t the first time I broke the record. I can do it consistently under 24 minutes and most likely beat my own record again.
J: What would you say to someone considering an attempt on breaking your record?
AD: Go ahead. Just watch out for the speeding tickets.

J: What do you say to someone calling your driving dangerous and extremely reprehensible?
AD: Whether you[‘re] a good driver or not, when you’re on the road, you have a high chance of getting hit by a drunk driver, being cut off (especially in NY), etc. Being a good driver, you’re more aware of what is around you. Being a fast driver doesn’t mean that you’re inherently a bad or reckless driver. Like I said before, I’m in control. That said, understand traffic patterns, understand what’s around you and understand how others control or don’t control their cars.”


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