Who is Patrick Rummerfield?

Mr. Rummerfield is a true inpiration and a man who loves race cars as much as we do. Here’s his amazing story of being the first fully functional quadriplegic in history.

“Patrick Rummerfield is, quite literally, a walking miracle.

His story tells of the power of will. He has experienced the defeat of being told he would die in three days, and yet he has lived to tell his own story. He experienced the fear that he would never move any part of his body again, but turned the fear into a challenge.

Injured in an alcohol-related car crash in 1974, Patrick Rummerfield’s spine suffered four crushed cervical vertebrae. Doctors saw little chance for survival, and they predicted death within 72 hours. His indomitable will, positive attitude and spiritual strength beat the hand of death and more. After enduring seventeen years of intense physical therapy, he has regained almost complete physical function, and is recognized as the world’s first recorded fully-functional spinal-cord-injured quadriplegic. His determination to “never give up” became the cornerstone of his new life.

Patrick is walking proof that never, ever giving up creates miracles.

When doctors told his family that the best course for Patrick was to be moved to a long-term nursing facility, where he could die in peace, Patrick refused to accept that sentence. He worked hard, and with faith as his guiding light, beat the insurmountable odds.

He is the first fully functional quadriplegic in the history of medicine.”


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3 Responses to Who is Patrick Rummerfield?

  1. PopeyePetes says:

    Patrick Rummerfield is one of the most Amazing Incredible human being I have ever read about or have had the pleasure and honor of spending time asking him questions. He is so humble and gracious it made me think this is a guy who has been to hell and back a time or two and he never says a negative word. Only one way to go, FORWARD!

  2. Brian says:

    You have changed so many lives for the better. What an inspiration you are on so many levels! May God continue to bless you, Patrick.

  3. Pat Boone says:

    What an amazing story of hope!

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