Freedom Moves

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Why Mark Lenardon film race cars?


“To be honest, I didn’t think I could have more fun with all my friends, at an event, especially after East Coast Bash. But that idea was quickly kicked after going to Freedom Moves this year. From moped racing, 10 car tandems, BBQ, and obviously just hanging out with everyone is a blast. Within the first five minutes of being at the track Friday night, I see Tony Angelo sawing off the roof of a Toyota Tercel (R.I.P.), on Saturday Tuerck wrecked his missile about five times, and Sunday I seen some amazing Pro-Am competition… Needless to say, WOW. BIG thanks to J-wang & Hop for taking me out there and Nick for feeding me the entire weekend nearly.
PS- I’m digging this DSLR more and more…I need more than one lense though!
Crystal Castles- “Untrust Us”

-Mark Lenardon”

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