Why rear spoiler on FWD car?

Why rear spoiler on FWD Civic Type R?



Thanks to Levi for the submission. I am going to put this out there – I do kinda dig this car, regardless of whether the spoiler is functional or not. [flame suit on]

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  1. A guy who actually races FWD cars says:

    Just going to put this out there:

    The aerodynamic effect of a wing presses down on a car where it is placed no matter the placement of the drive wheels. A wing on the rear of a car will always push down on the rear of the car. If anything, a front wheel drive car would need more down-force on the rear of the car since generally they are “front-heavy” meaning that most of the weight it at the front of the car. Cars handle better (generally) when they are “balanced” meaning that both the front of the car and the rear of the car press down on the pavement with the same amount of pressure.

    • Nick says:

      I race FWD cars too 😛 not saying it wasn’t functional, I was saying it was there because race car, although I can see how it might have been implied, esp sine this spoiler doesn’t look adjustable or all that functional in the first place.

    • Jonny says:

      The general dynamic of an automobile when you step on the gas is the front of the car lifts up and the rear squats. You always loose traction with FWD cars when you accelerate.

      To counteract this you can add weight in the front, lower the front, increase rebound rate in the front, decrease bound in the back, or DRIVE IN REVERSE … BECAUSE RACECAR!

  2. BnB Motorsports says:

    Because too much down force on the rear of a FWD car will cause it to under steer. In order to make this rear wing effective you need to have a ground effects/splitter on the front bar to help “Suck” the front end down onto the road….. basically it’s all about sucking and pushing 🙂

  3. Me thinks there are a lot of spoilers on a lot of cars out there that are just for looks, and totally non-functional. Appreciate the techincal advice for those that actually are interested in having one of these “work”!!

  4. RaceNotRice says:

    This wing is standard on the JDM Civic Type Rs. Code: FD2R

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